How it works

Locked in a Room

Your team will be put to the test where communication and teamwork will be key to escape

Enter a race against time

Can you escape in 60 minutes? Every second counts!

Feel the Environment

The rooms are designed to create a unique experience with guaranteed fun.

Are you able to escape?

  • 1 Room
  • 1 Team
  • Discover clues and solve puzzles
  • Escape in 60 minutes

Are you able to escape?

Enter a journey into the past in search of the lost memories of the city of Oporto.


Excellent for strengthening the bonds of a professional team or group of friends. The challenges were fun and balanced, requiring some attention and concentration but not being too difficult. Also, the surprises that pop up throughout the game are great fun.
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I loved it! It was very good! A spectacular, friendly welcome where empathy is created from the moment we enter. If you want to spend an excellent time in the company of your loved ones, put your logical thinking to the test and feel adrenaline until the last second, literally, this is the ideal attraction.
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The online experience was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise! I was reticent about the excitement, but it was present every minute of the experience! Congratulations to NWO and congratulations to the game master who played an excellent and important role in the game! Thank you!
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No Way Out Escape Room Porto was a very complete experience: fun, stimulating and exciting. It was a great family programme, good for all ages and promotes teamwork.
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No Way Out Porto



No Way Out Escape Room Porto