How do I book a room?

Just click on "book now", choose a day and time or access our contacts
Ideally we recommend ages 10 and up.
You can pay by bank transfer or cash. We do not have an ATM machine.
Groups of 2 to 7 can play.
You have 60 minutes to escape!
Yes, during the game the game master will be watching you through the available cameras, to accompany and help in any way necessary. Nothing will be recorded or used for advertising or marketing purposes.
No, all mobile devices and valuables will be placed inside a safe.
nwo is not responsible for any kind of delay. The team should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time so that a short briefing can be given before starting the adventure.
No, everything has a sequential logic, no physical effort will be required.
No, although they will be "transported" to our scenario, all they will need is to work as a team, know how to communicate and explore the room to the maximum.