Teambuilding Escape Room 2023

Teambuilding Escape Room 2022

Teambuilding Escape Room 2023

This Christmas No Way Out has the activity of Teambuilding  perfect for getting your company or group of friends together.

In this Teambuilding will be invited to dress as historians and unravel an ancient mystery of the city of Porto 🕵️♀️🕵️♂️

They will travel to a palace in the centre of Invicta and between clues and laughter they will try to complete their mission 🏁🍾

They start the adventure "trapped" in a room and will have 60 minutes to escape. Together, with Ernesto's help, they will be able to find clues, solve enigmas and unravel mysteries in the Teambuilding.

Teambuilding activities help to build bonds between members, put group members under pressure and promote communication. The activity Teambuilding Escape Room 2023 is no exception.

At the end of this Teambuilding Escape Room 2023 group members can share their experiences and socialise with each other at the reception and have their photo taken to perpetuate the moment.

O Teambuilding Escape Room 2023  foi concebido para 

No Way Out has already received in its space several companies such as Farfetch, Mindera, Sogrape, Sonae, Caetano Bavaria, Mota-Engil among others and this year Teambuilding Escape Room 2023 we will receive even more.

We promote a unique challenge for companies looking for motivation and team spirit, the activity Teambuilding Escape Room 2023 is undoubtedly the most suitable for your company!

In our space we always have the possibility of providing a small coffee break at the end where the participants in the Teambuilding Escape Room 2023 They will be able to share their opinion about the experience.

Throughout the game participants are accompanied by our Gamemaster through our control room so that the Teambuilding Escape Room 2023 runs smoothly.

If you want to get more information about the Teambuilding you can always contact us via Whatsapp (914133048).

The clock is ticking, we are waiting for your team in this desafio.

O No Way Out está localizado numa parte muito central da cidade do Porto. Mesmo em frente ao renovado Mercado do Bolhão na Rua Alexandre Braga nº 40, ao realizarem a atividade will quickly gain access to the city centre.

To get to No Way Out there are several options, for those arriving by car you can park in Via Catarina Shopping Centre, those arriving by Metro have at their disposal Bolhão Market station which is only a few metres away.

No Way Out provides moments of great fun for those who visit its space, it has been like that for the past 5 years. You can always see the opinions of those who have visited us through Tripadvisor.

One of the main activities to strengthen teams and develop reasoning capacity is undoubtedly Teambuilding. In our space all your skills will be put to the test. Your team will come out stronger in the end and the commitment between the members of the group will be rejuvenated.

Don't hesitate to book your place on this Teambuilding Escape Room 2022. We're sure you won't regret it. If you want to know more about the history of the room you can always check our video here: Video No Way Out

What are you waiting for?

We have the ideal solution for you and your company.

Teambuilding Escape Room 2022
Teambuilding Escape Room 2023

Teambuilding Escape Room 2023

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Teambuilding Escape Room 2022