INVICTUS has a challenge for you!

Without knowing your team, you have 60 minutes to escape INVICTUS.

In the security of your home, enter the INVICTUS challenge and take the opportunity to meet new people.

You can play using only a computer, mobile phone or tablet (we recommend a computer for better immersion and interaction during the game), and internet connection.

During this adventure you must play as a team to escape, the historian Ernesto will be your guide and a great ally to successfully escape this challenge.

Are you up to it ?!

Mysteriously the memory of the city of Porto was erased.

You, as a recognized historian, were chosen to go back to the past and bring back the history of the city Invicta. But you will not be alone, you will be joined by other unknown historians. Together they will have to return to the 19th century, trapped in a mansion room in the heart of the city.

You have 60 minutes to go back to the past and rescue what has been lost for today. Only by working as a team will they be able, will they be able to?



  • After your registration you will receive the details by email.
  • Confirmation of the challenge is dependent on the number of entries.
  • The challenge has a minimum limit of 3 players, if the limit is not reached, the challenge will not take place. You will be informed by email.
  • Once the challenge has been confirmed, you will receive an email with payment details.
  • Your registration fee is 10 €.
  • You will only meet your team at the time of the game. The team can be from anywhere in the world, so the challenge can take place in English. You will receive this information before the challenge starts. Let us know if this is an obstacle for you.
  • Ten minutes before the game you will receive an email with the link to join us.
  • You can play on your computer, tablet or phone (we recommend a computer for a better experience); 
  • To play you need an internet connection and to install the Zoom application.